Facts of Violation of Journalists' Rights During the Coverage of the Second Round of the 2021 Elections

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Physical and verbal abuse, interference with the professional activities, attempted damage to equipment - Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics revealed the following facts of violation of the rights of journalists during the second round of voting in the 2021 elections:

  1. In Tbilisi, in the vicinity of one of the polling stations in Gldani, a journalist of TV Pirveli was verbally abused;
  2. In Martvili, at the 31st polling station, a stranger physically confronted the journalist of Formula TV - Nino Chakvetadze while asking questions;
  3. The camera crew of TV Pirveli was verbally abused by a person near the polling station in Rustavi;
  4. In Kareli municipality, in the voting unit of the 2nd polling station, a United National Movement observer attacked a TV Monitoring journalist and physically abused him/her;
  5. Georgian Dream coordinators verbally and physically confronted a Formula TV journalist near the polling station in Zugdidi;
  6. Nino Chakvetadze, a journalist of Formula TV was attacked at the 2nd polling station in Martvili;
  7. According to TV Pirveli, a Georgian Dream supporter confiscated a microphone from their journalist;
  8. According to Giga Gelkhvidze – a journalist of TV Media Center, he was verbally and physically confronted at the 14th polling station in Kutaisi;
  9. According to Formula TV, in Kutaisi, their camera crew was confronted by aggressive individuals and verbally abused;
  10. In one of the polling stations, in the voting unit, the journalist of the TV Pirveli verbally confronted the representative of the polling station;
  11. According to TV Pirveli, an aggressive Georgian Dream observer verbally and physically abused their journalist;
  12. In one of the polling stations in Batumi, some persons tried to damage the camera of the TV 25 camera crew and interfered with their journalistic activities;
  13. Also, in Batumi, the journalist Teo Putkaradze was verbally and physically assaulted;
  14. In Kutaisi, on the 15th polling station, the journalist of On.ge was aggressively hindered in his/her work, tried to damage his/her equipment and verbally and physically abused him/her;
  15. In Gonio, the camera crews of Formula TV and the Mtavari TV were attacked and verbally and physically abused;
  16. In Poti, aggressive Georgian Dream activists attacked a Mtavari TV journalist and physically and verbally abused him/her;
  17. In Meskheti, a Formula TV journalist was stoned and verbally abused;
  18. According to Gurianius, their journalist was expelled from the first polling station in Senaki, who was filming a confrontation at the polling station;
  19. Mtavari TV journalist Emma Gogokhia was confronted at one of the polling stations in Senaki and verbally abused.

The list might be updated.

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics urges the law enforcement agencies to ensure an immediate investigation on the interference in journalistic activities and attacks on members of the media.

The cases revealed in the first round can be found here.