The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics released the media monitoring report of  2018 presidential election coverage. The charter observed news program and talk shows on 8 TV channels. 

Besides Charter, media monitoring is carried out by the two Georgian civil society organizations – G, Internews – Georgia and Civic Development Institute (CDI). Print, radio and online media are under their observation. The 2018 election media monitoring was kicked off on 18 June and will continue till the immediate aftermath of the elections, covering thirty-seven TV, radio, print and online national media outlets. Its interim reports refer to the period of 18 June – 15 October and capture all major trends in election coverage. The final reports will be released in December 2018.

The press conference on 25 October 2018 where attended by the representatives of European Union (EU) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  

"Good and diverse media reporting is critical for the voters to make an informed choice during elections. The EU's support to media monitoring reflects our commitment to strengthening democracy in Georgia," said Carl Hartzell, Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia.

The European Union and UNDP have been supporting media monitoring in Georgia since 2010 aiming to promote media diversity and build the watchdog functions of civil society, especially at a time of elections. Since the launch of the first media monitoring rounds, this initiative has contributed to the media research during the six major elections in Georgia in 2010 – 2017.

The media monitoring reports are available online at www.mediamonitor.ge
Election media monitoring is rolling on. Some major trends of election coverage this year were discussed on 10 September at a working meeting with journalists and producers.

Election media monitoring is supported by the European Union in Georgia and UNDP Georgia and carried out by the Georgian civil society organizations.

The European Union (EU) and UNDP continue supporting free, diverse and professional media in Georgia through monitoring media performance at a time of elections. A new round of this research will examine some major trends in election coverage during the 2018 presidential polls.

Ninth general meeting of The Georgian Charter of Journalistic ethics was held on December 23. On the meeting 3 new members of Charter's board were chosen. Because of the expiration of the term, Maia Metskhvarishvili, Jaba Ananidze and Tazo Kupreishvili left the council. Instead, the following members were chosen: Editor of Liberali Lika Zakashvili (Tbilisi quota), Editor of Information Center Network – Gela Mtivlishvili and the editor of Adjara TV – Maia Merkviladze (Regional quota). Council members chose Giorgi Mgeladze as the head of the board again.

At the same meeting, the executive director, head of the council and revision commission presented Annual reports. Besides, Charter members discussed existing challenges and positive trends in the organization.
October 19 - The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics presented first findings of the media monitoring of the 2017 Local Self-Government Elections in Georgia. 

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics is implementing the monitoring of TV news programs for coverage of the 2017 Local Government Elections within the framework of the project Study and Research on Election Media Coverage for 2017 Local Government Elections in Georgia supported by the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The Charter of Journalistic Ethics sums up the results of its media monitoring

Tbilisi, 26 December 2017. Majority of media reports on children is superficial; in-depth reports on children constitute only one per cent of all the media product related to children – states the report on media monitoring conducted from April to December 2017 by the Charter of Journalistic Ethics, with UNICEF support.



The 8th general meeting of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics was held December 24, 2016 at Tbilisi Marriott hotel.
On 16-17 June 2016, the Council of Europe (CoE) in partnership with the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics hold the Annual Meeting of Regional Network of Self-regulatory Bodies.