Charter's board

Head of the Public Broadcaster Adjara TV and Radio Online Service since 2017.

Has 17 years of experience working in TV and radio and print media, both in local and central media organizations, as a journalist, news anchor, producer and investigative journalist.

She has been a member of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics since its establishment. Elected as a member of the Board of the Charter on December 19, 2020, at the General Meeting of the Charter.

Journalist, Director of “Samkhretis Karibche”.

Gulo Kokhodze worked as a journalist in the newspaper " Samkhretis Karibche" in 2004-2011, was the PR manager of the non-governmental organization "Toleranti", then the representative of the Public Defender in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region.

Elected as the member of the Board of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics on December 19, 2020.

Managing Editor of Tbilisi Office of Radio Freedom Radio Liberty. Lecturer at GIPA School of Journalism (Media Ethics and Multimedia Narration Classes) and a Faculty Member.

One of the founders of the publishing house "Indigo". At various times she was the Editor-in-Chief of the “Tskheli Shokoladi” (Hot Chocolate) Magazine, the Executive Editor of the Liberal Magazine, the Anchor of Rustavi 2 TV, a reporter for the Internet Networks Georgia Bureau and the Public Broadcaster.

She has 25 years of experience working in online and television media. Is a media communication trainer. She became a member of the Board of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics for the second time.

Journalist, Development Manager of TOK TV.

Nina Kheladze has been working as the Development Manager of the Russian-language Broadcaster TOK TV since 2017 up to present.
Also, she is the Project Manager of "Journalism Resource Center".

Is the coordinator of "Interlink Academy" in Georgia and also a project partner of "Arbeit an Europa" in Georgia.
Elected as a member of the Board of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics on December 21, 2019. During 2019, she was a member of the Charter Audit Commission.

She has worked for regional and national TV and radio broadcasters for years.
Journalist, producer of TV program "Night News" at TV Pirveli

In 2005-2008 she was the head of the news editorial office of Adjara TV, at the same time she was a news reporter for TV Mze, Interpressnews and Radio Imedi. In 2008-2009 she worked as the author and presenter of a political talk show on Channel 25. In 2009-2012 she was a political journalist in Batumelebi and Netgazeti, as well as preparing investigative articles for Batumelebi. In 2012-2014 she was the main producer news editorial office of Imedi TV. In 2014-2019 - worked as an analyst at Transparency International Georgia. From spring 2019 to January, 2020 including she was the Deputy Director of Adjara Public Broadcaster
Zviad Koridze is a Journalist.
At various times he was one of the founders and co-editors of the newspaper 7 Days, as well as the editor-in-chief of the Georgian Newspaper; He was a Head of news services of "Rustavi-2", "Imedi" and "First Channel", worked as a producer and presenter in various media outlets.
He was initially involved in a joint project of BBC World Service Trust and the Studio "Rec" - "We are making a community radio" and is a Consultant of the community radios in Ninotsminda and Marneuli. In 2011-2012, Zviad Koridze was the Chairman of the Council of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics.
In 2014-2018 he was the Chairman of the Pardon Commission under the President of Georgia. He teaches at Caucasus School of Media and GIPA; is the author of several studies and draft of legislation.
Editor at Studio Monitor.

She worked as journalist at investigative program '60 Minutes" at TV Rustavi 2. She is one of the founders of Studio Monitor.

Nana Biganishvili was awarded for the best investigative film in 2012 and 2015. She also got European Union's Prize for Investigative Journalism in 2014.

She has received the degree of Master in Social Psychologist at Tbilisi State University.

Nana Biginishvili was elected as the Charter's member on December 22, 2018. On the same day she became the head of the board.
David Kldiashvili is a lawyer and a secretary of the Charter and director of the Charter Project - Prior to this, he was a  director of "LibCenter", the youth program of the Charter. 

David is the secretary of the Charter's Board since 2011. Also, he is a consultant for several organizations in legal matters.
Creative/Art Director at Community radio "Marneuli".

Kamilla has a Bachelor's Degree in Law Faculty of Tbilisi State University and Master's Degree of Media Management Faculty of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs.

She was elected a board member of the Charter on December 22, 2018.
Irma Zoidze is a producer of investigative studio REC.

In 2015 -2013, Irma was the head of the board of the revision committee. She was elected a board member of the Charter on December 22, 2018.