Facts of Violation of the Rights of Journalists During the Voting on the Day of Elections 2021

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Physical and verbal harassment, interference with the professional activities, threats, damage and seizure of equipment – the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics reveals the following facts of violation of journalists' rights during the voting on the day of Elections 2021:

• In Zugdidi, at one of the polling stations, a stranger threatened Salome Chaduneli – the Formula TV journalist with an electric shock and verbally abused her. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched an investigation regarding the fact under the article of illegal interference with a journalist's professional activities.

• In Batumi, according to TV Pirveli journalist Tamta Dolenjashvili, near one of the polling stations, activists of “Georgian Dream” locked the broadcaster's equipment in a minibus.

• The journalist of the Mtavari TV was insulted at the polling station in Gonio.

• A member of the Vani Sakrebulo from “Georgian Dream” verbally insulted the journalists.

• The journalist of the media outlet "Batumelebi" was prevented from performing his professional activities in the vicinity of the 64th polling station of Batumi.

• "You are Gvaramia's chick" - the citizen verbally confronted the journalists.

• A journalist of Pirveli TV was verbally abused in Kareli.

• The cameraman fell down during the filming at the polling station during Bidzina Ivanishvili's voting.

• Giorgi Pirukhia, a journalist of TV Pirveli, was verbally abused while performing his professional activity at the polling station.

• In Chugureti district, Tbilisi, the shooting crew of TV Pirveli was allegedly attacked by a Georgian Dream activist and the camera was broken. According to the TV company, the equipment belonging to the broadcasting company was damaged.

• TV 25 journalist Teo Putkaradze was physically assaulted while performing her professional activity.

• A journalist of Pirveli TV was verbally abused.

• The journalist of the media outlet "Batumelebi" was verbally abused. According to the media, the aggressive people responded to the journalist with threats. "We are looking at you," "we remember your names," they told the journalist.

• In Gldani, at the 47th polling station, a voter verbally insulted the journalist of the online publication "Publika" - Mindia Gabadze.

• In Chugureti, the film crew of the Mtavari TV was verbally abused.

• According to Radio Marneuli, one of their journalists was prevented from filming in one of the polling stations.

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics urges the law enforcement agencies to ensure an immediate investigation into the interference with journalistic activities and attacks on members of the media.