Femicide Coverage - Memorandum

Through collaborative efforts between the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics and the organization "Women for a Common Future Georgia" (WECF), a memorandum has been formulated, encompassing a shared standard for reporting on femicide along with essential recommendations for its effective implementation. 

This document is open for endorsement by any media representative. The partnership between the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics and WECF Georgia aimed to establish a unified internal standard to be integrated into the editorial policies of signing media organizations. The objective is to assist journalists in ethical reporting by providing a comprehensive framework. 

Media organizations and journalists undersigning the document acknowledge their responsibility and commit to adhering to fundamental and factual conditions integral to ethical responsibility, accuracy, and sensitive reporting.

The following media organizations and journalists have officially signed the document:

1.  NEWS. On.ge

2.  Guria NEWS

3.  Netgazeti

4.  Media Aprili

5.  Caucasus TV Company

6.  JAMnews

7.  Radio Marneuli

8.  Chaikhana

9.  AT.GE

10.  Tabula

11.  Mtavari Arkhi

12.  Palitra Media

13.  Media Checker

14.  Project 64

15.  Studia Monitori

16.  JRC

17.  Kakhetis Khma (Voice of Kakheti)


19.  Sknews.ge

20.  TV Monitoringi

21.  Formula

22.  Publika


24.  TV Zari

25.  TOK TV

26.  Alliance of Regional Broadcasters of Georgia

27.  Nino Zautashvili