We Urge the Media to Protect the Right to Privacy

Category : Announcement;
On September 13, 2021, the media published the information that the records of personal communications of clergymen, allegedly made secretly and illegally, are available on one of the open online resources. In some materials it is possible to identify specific clergymen.

The Charter of Journalistic Ethics considers it necessary to reiterate that invasion and identification of a person's private life is justified only if there is a proven high public interest in the information obtained.

The Charter believes that the media should be especially careful when covering this topic. When disclosing the personal data or the identities of specific clergymen, journalists shall be convinced that this information is indeed of public value and need and is not published only to satisfy public curiosity.

The Charter reminds, and calls on the media, to protect the right to privacy and not unnecessarily disclose records and the identities of those involved.