Statement of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics to the International Community

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The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics considers that the Georgian government is advisedly hinders the media from providing the information to the community in a timely, complete and comprehensive manner. 
The community has the right to receive information about the current social and political events in the country from different sources. Especially when the political situation in the country is critically tense.
Since the voting day of the elections dated October 31, 2020, the media representatives have been repeatedly hindered during the accomplishment of their professional activities. 
On the voting day, activists mobilized at the electoral areas through the whole country reported aggression against the media; verbal and physical abuse was reported as well. During the day, top-ranking officials encouraged this aggression with their statements.
On November 8, 2020, as a result of disproportionate force used by the law enforcement agencies at a rally near the building of the Central Election Commission, 4 journalists were injured. Other reporters were injured and their equipment was damaged as well. During the disruption of the rally, water cannons were aimed at the media representatives.
The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics has always tried not to ignore every fact of persecution and illegal interference in the activities of journalists and has always addressed the investigative bodies, but all these attempts remained unresponded, as well as the fact that up to 40 journalists were injured during the disruption of the protest rally on June 20, 2019. Such an approach has encouraged the violence more. 
The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics addresses the representatives of the Diplomatic Corps and international organizations accredited in Georgia, as well as the international journalistic associations, to use all available means to protect the freedom of speech and expression in Georgia and create a safe working environment for journalists.