GPB Journalist violated 1st, 5th and 11th principle of the Charter
The material in question was about the presentation of OSGF research. At news program at 12:00 pm Journalist said that the OSGF hid research part related to GPB and only showed them after they requested it. The same was repeated at the next program at 15:00 pm. OSGF provided evidence that they had informed GPB the day before the presentation and sent slides to Nodar Chachua before his stand up.

Therefore, Charter decided that accuracy (1st principle) and distortion of the fact (11th principle) principles were violated. Charter also thought that 5th principle violation was in place because the material was not corrected even after a request to do so. Applicant organization representatives attended the hearing.

The respondent journalist was contacted via phone, but he refused to participate in the discussion.

The decision is available here