Charter Council Requests Investigation into the Incident in Zugdidi

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The Charter of Journalistic Ethics of Georgia addresses law enforcement agencies to investigate the incident in a timely manner and charge specific persons of criminal liability. The role of the journalist is to provide fair and impartial coverage of the events taking place in the pre-election period. It is through media that the voters receive information which helps them make decisions on the polling day. Therefore, it is important that each journalist should be given the opportunity to carry out his / her professional activities free from undue influence. Journalists should know that all incidents will be adequately and transparently investigated, and the perpetrators punished. Each uninvestigated incident promotes aggression against journalists.

The Charter urges political parties, the candidates or activists to refrain from applying any form of violence against journalists, and reminds them as well as the entire public that not only physical violence but also interference with the journalistic activities are punishable under the Criminal Code.

The Charter also appeals to the government and calls upon to ensure the security of journalists during the pre-election period.