Jaihun Muhamedali and Natia Trapaidze did not violate Charter's principles
Tea Davadze thought that the Charter’s principles 1 (accuracy) and 3 (concealing of facts) was violated by Jeihun Muhamedali and Natia Trapaize during reporting on leaked privet videos of local politician in Marneuli. The respondent as well as journalist mentioned that the person who spread the video was a former journalist of Radio Marneuli. The applicant underlined that years ago this person was the journalist of radio Marneuli but since when he worked for other media outlet. According to the applicant, journalists of Rustavi 2 should mentioned that background information otherwise, such coverage damaged reputation of radio Marneuli.

The discussion was attended by the applicant, respondent journalists were absent, they neither sent the response. The council of the Charter concluded that the application was not upheld.