Journalists of Rustavi 2 violated first and third principles
The dispute concerned the material prepared on the property owned by judges, among them the houses of the applicant, Mamia Pkhakadze. The material in question created suspicion that the judges acquired a fortune through corruptive activities. In the presentation part, the journalist declared that viewers were going to see the luxury houses of the judges, including Mamia Pkhakadze's residential houses. It was also said that Mamia Pkhakadze lives in a millionaires’ neighbourhood. Both parties were presented at the hearing. Nodar Meladze told the Council that Mamia Pkhakadze was mentioned in the material as he is the Chairman of the City Court. Nodar Meladze could not explain why he considered Mamia Pkhakadze’s residence a luxury house or the residential area as the millionaires’ neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Pkhakadze presented the counter arguments – he had purchased 1 sq.m land plot for $30 and spent 87 000 GEL for the construction of the house, and this in the light of the fact that the income of Pkhakadze and his spouse exceeds 100 000 GEL annually according to their asset declaration.

After considering the case, the Council found the violation of the First (accuracy) and Third (concealing of facts) Principles.