Irina Dekanoidze, editor in chief of Public Broadcaster website violated Charter's principles

The headline of the article in question was the following: “Giorgi Vashadze about universal healthcare – we are pouring money into the black hole, because we are treating dying people [video]”. The article was accompanied by a snippet of a video from the 13th of November, 2018 Public Broadcasting show “Presidential Elections 2018” where Giorgi Vashadze voiced his opinion about universal healthcare.

The Council thought that the headline was manipulative, because Giorgi Vashadze in the show was talking about unwise governmental spending, because they are not focusing funding on prevention of diseases to minimize fatal outcome. Vashadze’s statement left a different impression in the audience from the headline. Charter Council concluded the first principle (accuracy) violation.

Representatives of the applicant attended the hearing. Responding journalist did not attend the hearing or provide a response.