Mariam Gaprindashvili violated Charter's 8th and 10th principle

The material in question was about a murder of a woman on Barnovi St. According to the material, testimony of minors of the deceased described the murder in detail. They also mentioned violence and force against them by the accused during murder.

Council said that in this case protecting minors was a greater good that the society’s interest on who was the witness. Journalist could have given the information about the murder without saying that the witnesses were minors. Therefore, Charter Council concluded the violation of the 8th (Children’s interest) principle.

Besides this 10th principle (privacy) violation was concluded, because the material showed the details of about confrontation, offensive language used family members of deceased woman against each other. This information was not of a public interest because it did not provide any additional information about the crime or people involved in it.

The applicant representative attended the hearing. The responding journalist was absent. She did not provide a response.