Nika Gvaramia violated Charter's first principle

The material in question was an episode of tv show “Accents of the Week” where one of the hosts, Nika Gvaramia, blamed Dachi Tsaguria in connections with the so called “thieves in law”. Dachi Tsaguria thought that this was a false fact. During the hearing, Gvaramia said that he had the information based on confidential sources. Council thought that during TV show Gvaramia did not specify that this was unverified information. It is also important to mention that the information contained criminal violation accusations and this type of information has different standards to be shared. As Gvaramia said, one of the sources gave him the information, which was not proved otherwise. Trustworthiness of the source was not shown. Therefore, Charter concluded that the first principle (accuracy) was violated.

Applicant and respondent attended the hearing.