Magda Kldiashvili, Journalist of did not violate Charter's principles

The article in question was – “Georgian Football Federation paid 73 725 Lari for the security in the FIFA 2018 qualifying match vs. Ireland on Dinamo Arena”. The applicant said that they paid twice less, 36862.5 Lari for the security. They thought that the first (accuracy) and 11th (distortion) principles of the Charter were violated.

After the application was submitted, Magda Kldiashvili became aware that she summed the money in the documentation incorrectly. Then she corrected the mistake according to the Charter standards – in timely and adequate manner. The federation did not withdraw the application with the same concern. Council did not agree with the violation accusation and said that Charter does not only identify ethical violations, it also supports ethical principles, especially when it’s clear that the journalist is aware of the mistake, tries everything to correct it in a timely manner and provides the corrected material to the same audience who got an incorrect information. Magda Kldiashvili did all of this to respect ethical principles, thus, the first principle (accuracy) violation was not proved.

Applicant attended the case hearing. Responding journalist provided a written response and answered questions via phone call.