Statement of the Charter about the boycott of Rustavi 2 by Patriarchate

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As Georgia is a democratic country, freedom of speech and expression is one of the utmost values. No matter how critiquing a journalist is or how painful the covered subject is, his or her freedom of speech should be defended. The boycott is interfering with this right and makes the journalist and the whole media a target of aggression. There has already been a precedent of Rustavi 2 journalist being attacked because of the other show, which caused 6 people to be arrested and detained in prison. The court process is still undergoing.

Georgian Orthodox Church spends millions of Lari every year from public finances. It is also one of the most influential institutions. Its actions hold public interest. Therefore, it is important for the Patriarchate to cooperate and answer questions in media, including Rustavi 2 as one of the large broadcasters.

Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics asks the government, who is supposed to be the defender of freedom of speech and expression in country, to protect the safety of journalists and state its opinion to give example to other groups of society on how to cooperate with media.