Statement of the Charter's Council on the Charlie Hebdo attack

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The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics expresses its sorrow over the terrorist act taken place in France and presents condolences and tolerance to relatives and colleagues of those killed, the French Embassy in Georgia and the French people. On January 7, 12 people were killed and 11 injured as a result of an armed assault on the editorial office of the Charlie Hebdo Magazine. Members of the magazine’s staff and police officers are among the killed persons. According to media, the assault followed the publication by the weekly satirical magazine of a caricature of the "Islamic State" leader Abu Bark Al-Baghdadi on Twitter. The Charter of Journalistic Ethics believes that the fundamental right of speech and expression of both the media and each individual person must be secured in a democratic state. The given terrorist assault is an appalling act directed against the democratic society, the purpose of which is not a nationality or religious affiliation, but fundamentalism. The Charter’s Council calls upon the Georgian media and society to identify the authors of the terrorist act with the Muslim people, once again expresses its respect to the Muslims living in Georgia and stresses the importance of protection of the freedom of speech and expression in the world, as well as in our country.