Statement of Charter’s Council on Spreading of Video Containing Terrorist Threat

Category : Statements;
A video containing a call for terrorism and violence was spread November 23. Several media outlets have spread the appeals unaltered. Society is entitled to receive information on possible violence or other danger. However, media outlets carry the responsibility of conveying information with utmost caution, in order to prevent from the outburst of fear and panic. The Council of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics calls on media outlets to refrain from the unaltered dissemination of terrorist threat containing appeals, in an effort to prevent from circulating the views of the authors. The Council of the Charter of Journalistic Ethics gives media outlets the following recommendations:
  • To communicate concisely the content of the appeal;
  • Not to communicate terrorist appeals in the unaltered form, but have them edited to prevent from the manipulation of the public opinion by those materials;
  • Not to specify the concrete link of the webpage hosting the footage;
  • In case the footage doesn’t contain scenes of violence, it’s possible to use them for the overlapping purpose, without sound.