Strategic Development Plan for 2019-2021
Self-regulation strengthens the media.
The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics is an independent association of journalists whose mission is to increase the public accountability of the media through the adherence to professional and ethical standards and the establishment of self-regulatory mechanisms.
Core values 
  • The freedom of speech and expression- the Charter recognizes the fact that every professional right/responsibility of a journalist is based on the right of society to be informed.
  • Freedom of media- we believe that only an independent media has the ability of self-regulation.
  • Social responsibility – the Charter is accountable before every member of the organization and the entire society.
  • Transparency of activities- the Charter pursues its activities in an open and transparent way
The Strategic Development Plan - the goal of the Strategic Plan 2019-2021 is to ensure the sustainable development of the Charter, a self-regulatory body.

Strategic directions

1. Organizational development:
i. Increase the representation of various types of media outlets among Charter members;
ii. Enhance the effectiveness of General Meetings;
iii. Improve the Statute and principles of the organization;
iv. Strengthen the Secretariat.

2. Financial sustainability:
i. Expand the circle of donors;
ii. Commercialize the organization's expertise and various services.

3. Improving the media environment
i. Develop professional education;
ii. Promote media literacy;
iii. Protect the rights of journalists;
iv. Improve the legislation.